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Welcome and thank you for considering to join Decay. We require high standards from all of our members. Therefore we have a strict recruiting policy in order to create a first barrier our new potential members will have to overcome. Before applying, please read these rules carefully, because it might just be the difference between getting accepted or getting rejected.

ALL Decay members must agree to our rules. If you do not agree to abide by our rules, please close your browser window now. If you do please feel free to apply to our raidforce/guild.


1. Discord

A working computer microphone and a copy of Discord are mandatory for all Decay members. All raids are led through Discord only, and members are required to be able to at least listen to vocal commands. Discord details can be seen in the raid information or alt/guild events for guild members.

2. Recruitment and Trialing

All new Raid force members are in a 2 week (or 4 raids) trial period, during this period Officers will decide if the recruit is of Decay's very high standard's. For Raiders no trailists will be allowed alts in the guild until trail is passed.
Raiders raid character will have to join Decay (please speak with an officer if this is an issue).
Guild only recruits will be allowed one character for a 2 week trail for guild before alt characters will be invited. 
Raiders must be over the age of 18 to join any raids. We have a mature player policy.
You might be asked to increase your gear before you can start raiding. Please work on this and gear up asap. Help might be given by Decay but please do LFR and PuG if needs be. 
If you are a raider and want to change your class/role you will have a short trial period, this goes for returning AWOL raiders also. It is not 100% that you will get a spot if you change to a different role in the raid force however. Further down there is more indepth rules on this topic.

3. Disruptive Ingame Behaviour

An excessive amount of complaining, non-constructive criticism, arguing within the guild etc., will result in removal from the guild. This does not mean that members can never complain, criticize or argue. The keyword here is "excessive" meaning that it reaches the point where it affects guild cohesiveness. Any guild member that engages in excessively disruptive behaviour will receive a cautionary warning first, and if that behaviour continues, they will be removed from the guild. 

We will also expect memebers to remember that you represent Decay even in trade/general etc and we will expect people to remember that and act accordingly. Decay often recruits from trade or general and rude behaviour can jeopardize our recruiting for raiding and give our guild a bad name. 

4. Player Quality

Decay has a high standard on the quality of our current raid members and we intend to maintain that quality. If any raid member is found to be extremely lacking in their skills, they may be voted by the officers for removal from the raid force (guild is not necessarily included for removal). The important phrase here is "extremely lacking".  

5. No Idiotic Public Forum Posts

If you want to act like a fool, we have private boards for you to do that. Don't post on public forums about the guild or raidforce, how bad ********* you are, or how we were foolish enough to add you. 

6. Respect Your Guild/Raid Members

You are required to treat other members of the guild/raidforce with respect. How you actually feel about them is not relevant, but your behaviour is. Feel free to interact with anyone outside of the guild however you like, as long as it doesn't violate any of the guild rules and doesn't look bad against the guilds name. 

The officers have the right to remove players that do not fit in the guild or raid force, meaning if you are disrespectful to others, rude, or other unsavory traits to fellow gamers.  

7. Dedication

If you are a member of Decay raid force you are not allowed to be a member of any other raidforce on the server without prior permission from the officers. Alternate characters may be played where and however you desire, however they should not impact on raidforce activities. For example in cataclysm 10 and 25man will have the same lock outs so do not lock your self with your Decay raid character. 

You will also be expected to read up and know your class and the raid bosses. Video of boss fights will often be posted, watch them. More information of this topic is below in raiding.

8. Forums

All members are required to read Decay's Forums on a regular basis - the forums are the main area for information within the guild/raid and therefore not keeping up to date with the forums means that you are uninformed! 

9. Raiding

All memebers will be expected to turn up 15 minutes before raid invites start, e.g raid start, 8.30pm invites 8.15pm expected to be on ready 8.00pm. With flasks and potions and any other reagents for your class. Times are alway based on server time.
If you are needed to sub for what ever reason even tho it is flex please to not get annoyed and upset, there is likely a very good reason.
Please make sure you have all needed addons and that they are up to date. Addons all members should have are GTFO and Deadly Boss Mods. Recount/skada is also advised. If you are a healer healbot is also advised but not forced. You may be asked to install other addons to help with boss fights.
Before applying, please first consider if you can identify yourself with the following: 
Behave in a mature and respectful manner. Not just to your guild/raidforce members, but also to non members. 
You are pro-active, eager to participate on the forums and in voice chat and eager to discuss game mechanics. 
You are a team player, placing the needs and goals of the raid before your own. 
You do not easily get frustrated. We do not want our raid members to feel demotivated if we wipe 10 times in a row on a raid boss. 
You are reliable. Coming half an hour late for a raid, because your mother planned dinner at the time we planned to start the raid is not a good reason - adequate excuses prior to the event is perfectly fine, but 5 minutes before go is not sufficient. 
Please make sure your computer meets at least the recommended system requirements for playing WORLD OF WARCRAFT.
Please make sure you have up to date addons for the ones you use.
Please make sure you have no pending applications with other raidforces.
Please make sure you want to raid and will sign on the forums. 
Please listen carefully in raids to the raid leader, we love to have a good time while raiding but make sure your fun does not distract or annoy other raiders or the leader of that raid. It is rude to make to much excessive noise on TS or spam chat when people are explaining tactics etc. 
Raiders also must read up/watch videos on there class and boss fights, have all the correct potions/flasks etc at raid time and keep there gear gemmed and enchanted correctly.

All raiders must sign on or off for each raid. We understand people may not be able to attend each raid but please sign on or off so we know. And if you will be away or need time off for work please post in the holiday thread or tell an officer. (Read going AWOL at the bottom for more info).
Decay does NOT use DKP, we use only /roll for needing in raids. We ask all members think of others before needing everything as everyone being geared helps the raid force more than one person with gear. In legion having all 3 speccs will mean that all classes will need to think of there fellow raiders before needing for all speccs, you can roll on items for your main specc that you are in the raid force for first. Other speccs will be greed. If no one wants for use transmog will be offered. 

10. Guild Raids (aka Beer runs)

Alt and guild raids also known as Beer runs , are for people to have fun on both guild only mains, guildies and alts in decay.
Decay members only. If we are to many its first come first served to needed classes (Tanks, Healers, ranged and melee DPS). Mature raiders only unless we have a spot open, otherwise players over 18 please.
Days may vary but time will be 20.30 same as main raids (please be on earlier to secure your spot). People will need to use Teamspeak and at least be able to listen to commands. Loot will be need and greed rolling with a master looter. 
Please remember alt runs are for fun and some members might be drunk, people are loud and have a good time, occasional rude language will be used, English as always is main spoken language in raids, Please make sure you have flasks and anything else you might need, No whinning on wipes if and when they happen this is FUN , Loot will be desided by the RL/loot master or officers in that raid there words are final. Need roll over greed, 1 - 100 rolls. Greed/off specc will be offered if no main speccs want the item. Please think of your fellow raiders, if it is not your off spec but off off specc please see if any offspeccs want first(no DKP, No limits but do be kind to others if you have won alot. Raiders gearing up will get priorty on loot. Decay main raid rules apply to beer raids also. Make sure you do have gear for the raid in question and at least semi read up for the ease of the raid leader of the night (may not be Nightrage or Yawley leading).

11. Any Raiding you take part in..

Please remember that all raid forces do things different, you are in a Decay run so you will be doing it the Decay way no arguements. Please do not impose your way of doing it, it is up to the raid leader of the night, whisper if you can give aid but please no argueing if you are asked to do something. All changes made in raid eg tank swoping etc must be okeyed by the raid leader of that raid before it is done. 

12. Main Raiders Changing Class/Specc

If a main raider wants to change charactor or to change specc away from the raid role eg. Healer to Tank etc you must talk with an officer. Of course we can't make you play a class/specc you do not wish to play but there is no promise we have room for you in the raid force as your new class or specc so please keep that in mind and talk to an officer asap if you are having issues.

Also changing class or role will mean you will have another trial period, we will want to check you can play and have read up on your new class. 


13. Raiders Going AWOL (being away with no word or lack of signs)

Should you vanish with no word or have a lack of sign ups (including only signing off and not raiding) you will be contacted by an officer to see whats happening. please do not be offended by this as we are running a raid force and all the others raiders depend on you in raids as we are a team. If you have been AWOL from the game for more that 10 days you will be contacted by ingame mail and if that is not answered we will contact on your email given on the forum, however if still no word after 20 days we will start looking into removing you from the raidforce as we likely will need your spot filling to continue raiding. So please if you will be away or need time away tell us. (if you are removed due to this please speak to an officer and if you wish to raid again reapply and retrial). This also goes for not signing but still being active online, if you are online and dont talk to us after we have tried to contact you, this is also classed as AWOL as you haven't replyed to us or informed us about your problems. So please check forums regularly and talk to the officers / Champions.

14. Misc

Decay has in the past run BGs, RP events, competitions, iRL parties (every year pretty much in Sweden in August check forums if you wish to attend or talk to Nightrage or Boos). If there is something or one of these you are interested in please post on the forums or chat to a officer or champion, we have no issue with people trying to sort in-game in-guild past times, infact we will support and will help you in any way we can.

15. Point Of Contact. 

If you have any further questions or need to chat to someone then please contact one of our officers, Role Leaders or champions. They will be happy to help you. Drop them a line in world or on our website.

Officers : - Nightrage, Chayton and Dreadscorn
Champions : - Adella, Odious
Julzul, Kojiki, Julzul, Oliwa, Rabban, Colakongen, Eiilert and Zien
Role Leaders:- Virdis and Afri

Raid Leaders : - Nightrage And Chayton

ALL Decay members must agree to our rules. If you do not agree to abide by our rules, please close your browser window now. If you do please feel free to apply to our raidforce/guild.